The effective engagement flywheel provides an infrastructure to harness the power of an organization’s purpose to consistently deliver remarkable results and build customer loyalty. Each step on the flywheel is explained as follows:

  1. HONEST, ROBUST DIALOGUE & LEARNINGencourages an open exchange of ideas and information which are important particularly when engaged in transformational change and are also critical for maintaining consistent organizational alignment.
  2. COMMITMENTis not consensus or agreement. The difference between a consensus and commitment outcome is that that regardless of likely disagreements on the best way to proceed, the leader who is facilitating the conversation after all ideas have been heard and vetted, calls the question and asks for team commitment to move forward.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITYclarifies who is accountable for what actions are necessary to fulfill the team commitments. Action items should be SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Trackable).
  4. RESULTScome from the disciplined communication and action setting process described above. When utilized for every go-forward action during the Strategy Deployment process this disciplined communication and action setting process ensure good outcomes. If some detail is missed, and invariably is, the process simple restarts with honest and robust dialog.
  5. TRUST & LOYALTYare built when organizations start with WHY, commit to change, and then achieve results. Associates begin to trust leadership and each other that everyone is rowing in the same direction. Customers experience the on-time-complete-and-correct (OTCC) service impact, and their loyalty to the company and its brand flourishes.

Connecting the dots – Can you see how these Customer Value processes also connect back to the three key strategy execution steps?

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