Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness focuses on partnerships, efficiency, and demand to create a customer-first, zero-defect policy.

Maximize efficiency in your organization.

Develop Productive Partnerships

No organization functions in a vacuum. Productive partnerships of various types are necessary to succeed in any market.

A few examples include:

Channel Partnerships –A channel partner provides access to target markets. Both parties mutually benefit from the partnership through an expanded market footprint, scope of services, and revenue and/or cost sharing. Trade groups and associations are common examples of channel partners.

Sourcing Partnerships –A sourcing partner provides quality raw materials at a competitive price and/or volume that helps to differentiate the organization within its market. Raw materials can be in the form of products, services, or labor. An example of a sourcing partner is Intel for PC manufacturers.

Collaboration Partnerships –A collaboration partner provides additive value such that the organization can deliver the scope, breadth, and/or quality of services better together than either entity could provide separately. A common example of a collaborative partners are hospitals and physicians.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Achieving operational efficiency involves all departments, units or functional groups, teams, and individuals in simultaneous alignment and effort to fulfill the strategies, goals, and initiatives of the organization. Each operational area has objectives and initiatives unique to them which, when combined together, create an orchestra of customer first, zero defect performance essential for the organization to win.

Create High Demand Services &/or Products

“Find a need and fill it” – That is the idea behind creating high-demand services and/or products. Ensure that your product and/or service development and delivery processes always hit the customer satisfactionbull’s-eye. Product marketing is the discipline of getting the right things done from product strategy to delivery execution, so you can exceed your customer’s expectations.

Turning Disruption and Change into Peak Performance

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