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2020 Rural Health and Hospitals Conference

1717 Denver West Marriott Blvd., Golden, CO

Al Faber (CEO, The Baldrige Foundation) and Ben Sawyer (CEO, SOAR Vision Group) will present on March 5, 2020

Session Title: Accelerate and Sustain Performance: What are the Essential Ingredients?

In this interactive session, we will discuss the essential ingredients for becoming a sustainably high performing organization. Based upon the Baldrige Framework and extensive strategy execution experience, this session is indispensable for any Rural Healthcare system/hospital desiring to remain agile in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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Leader Dialogue Radio Show – 1:00 pm ET

Episode Guest – Lindel Fields

Superintendent and CEO, Tri County Tech

listen live on March 6

March 12

Baldrige Foundation Quarterly Webinar

March 12, 2020 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET

Presentation: Synergies between the Baldrige Framework and HRO

Presenters: Craig Clapper, Partner, Healthcare Performance Improvement at Press Ganey and Kathleen Goonan, M.D., Managing Director, Healthcare at Navigant

This quarter’s webinar will provide a detailed comparison of Press Ganey’s High Reliability Model compared with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.

The presentation will be moderated by Al Faber, CEO/President of the Baldrige Foundation and Ben Sawyer, CEO of SOAR Vision Group.

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