Lalabu, an innovator in the baby-wearing space, has expanded its product line and is discussing options with investors.

Lalabu won the 2018 Product of the Year Award by Baby Maternity Magazine for the first baby-wearing shirt designed for Dads. The “Dad Shirt” has an integrated pouch that helps dads bond with and calm their newborn.

SOAR Vision Group has assisted Lalabu in preparing an investor proforma, drawing from all elements of theOrganizational Hierarchy of Needs, and showcasing Lalabu’s fine operating performance and many market successes.

During this show, Lalabu CEO Brian Fosse and COO Cameron Glass share the history of Lalabu and their commitment to quality, service, and giving back through efforts like helping African single moms succeed. Listen in to gain insights about expanding market presence and being successful in small business to prepare for investors.

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