On this show, Ben and Jennifer reflect on the interview during the last show with Chuck Peck, MD President and CEO of Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Peck had described for viewers the difference between a consumer and a patient, and the priority Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center has put on their employees in order to effectively position their health system to become the preferred provider for consumers.

It is an approach outlined in the book “The Patient Comes Second”, written by Britt Berrett and Paul Spiegelman, which Dr. Peck shared had a big impact on his thinking. The outcome is that Piedmont Athens Regional has progressed from a low of 2% on the Press Ganey employee opinion survey to a high of 65% in three years, as they committed to bring all employee positions to living wage levels as well as focusing on other employee-focused initiatives.

In the deep dive, Ben and Jennifer springboard from Dr. Peck’s example describing theeffective employee engagement flywheel approach, relating how this approach builds customer loyalty around the measures that matter. Other deep dive topics include a description of servant leadership, authority versus responsibility, and effective accountability.

This is a second concept-packed discussion regarding Performance Excellence in the Age of Consumerism that you will not want to miss!




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