Join us for this two-part series of Leader Dialogue to discuss the relevance and risk of cybersecurity with Colonel Gemini Majkowski. According to the 2018 American Hospital Association environmental scan, the magnitude data breaches from cyber attacks cost the U.S. $6.2B annually with an average of $2.2M and over 3K records compromised per healthcare incident alone.

During the first part of this series, Gemini introduces our audience to the convergence of the digital era and healthcare – the advantages and threats to both consumers and organizations.

Join Gemini and our hosts Ben Sawyer, Duffie Dixon, and Jennifer Strahan to discuss not only the impact of organizational threats but also the requirements to protect organizations from these threats as well.

Colonel Gemini Majkowski/G2MQ

Established in 2001, G2MQ offers business leaders and healthcare organizations a unique combination of innovative proprietary tools and a dynamic team of subject matter experts to provide tailored solutions for their clients. From customized standard operating procedures to compliance and accreditation preparations to writing Baldrige National Quality Award applications, G2MQ is a trusted resource.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach, G2MQ not only addresses compliance, accreditation and regulatory issues but tackles the full spectrum of challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations. Consequently, their clients can take their organizations “above and beyond” compliance to sustainable performance excellence and results.

Colonel Gemini Majkowski is a leader, strategist, and change agent with over 20 years of combined healthcare experience in private sector and DoD. Her core competencies include: leadership, strategic planning, quality management systems, policy development, healthcare administration, Baldrige, Six Sigma, organizational transformation, regulatory compliance, accreditation inspections, audits, and project management.

She worked in the private sector for 26 years and developed corporate strategies and quality management systems for 11 healthcare organizations. Gemini also created organizational structure; launched innovative quality and performance management systems; and drove sweeping impact to organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

With 16 years of experience in the U.S Air Force, Gemini served in leadership positions as an active duty and reserve officer. She is currently IMA to the Director of Staff and Senior Executive officer, Office of the Air Force Surgeon General, Washington DC. Gemini has spearheaded groundwork/development of Air Force Medical Service strategy management framework. She led leadership development, organizational transformation, and execution of strategic initiatives. Gemini facilitated cross-functional communication. She served as key consultant to the 31-member Strategic Management Group responsible for turning the Surgeon General’s vision into reality.

About SOAR Vision Group

The SOAR Vision Group mission is to: Align People with Purpose to Achieve Exceptional Results. SOAR provides best practice strategy execution, business process optimization services, and a structured organizational development approach for organizations to effectively implement the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework. For more information, contact SOAR Vision Group at (888) 294-3303 or visit

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The mission of the Baldrige Foundation is to ensure the long-term financial growth and viability of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and to support organizational performance excellence in the United States and throughout the world. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is presented annually by the United States President to organizations that demonstrate quality and performance excellence. For more information, contact the Baldrige Foundation at (202) 559-9195 or visit

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