Performance excellence refers to an integrated approach to organizational performance management approach resulting in:

• Delivery of increasing value to customers and stakeholders contributing to organizational sustainability
• Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities
• Organizational and personal learning

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework consists of seven (7) categories which integrate leadership, strategy, and customers with workforce and operations to drive results. The Baldrige system foundation of measurement, analysis, and knowledge management is critical to effective management and to a fact-based, knowledge-driven, agile system for improving performance and competitiveness.

Listen in to learn…

• How Baldrige provides a disciplined, fully integrated approach to innovation in all key areas of your business model.
• How Baldrige is visually represented through a cascading organizational hierarchy of needs, clarifying the critical aspects of performance, and specifying where innovation is necessary to achieve sustainable success.
• How the best performing organizations innovate, clarify what matters (strategize), then execute seamlessly.
• About the three key steps of strategy execution:
Organize: To differentiate your organization in the marketplace
Activate: To engage employees to execute seamlessly
Recalibrate: To consistently measure performance to expectations and adjust course as necessary

Al Faber/Baldrige Foundation

Al Faber was named President and CEO of the Baldrige Foundation in July 2014. The Mission of the Baldrige Foundation is to ensure the long-term financial growth and viability of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, and to support organizational performance excellence in the United States and throughout the world. Prior to joining the Foundation, Al served as President & CEO of The Partnership for Excellence (TPE).

Prior to that, Al served in federal and state government culminating in executive positions and leading more than 11,500 employees, with 65 major facilities, a 250 million dollar operating budget and real property exceeding $2.1 billion dollars. He has provided executive leadership, establishing policies, priorities and oversight of federal budgets, operations and training, personnel, logistical operations and infrastructure management to include numerous construction programs. He is driven to create winning organizational results with a deep sense of commitment to public service.

Turning Disruption and Change into Peak Performance

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