HCI Group’s SVP of Innovation and Technology John McDaniel discusses the transformation advisory function that the HCI Group provides to healthcare systems regarding emerging technologies. Ben and Jennifer explore with John the innovation and performance excellence requirements for organizations to effectively compete in the Age of Consumerism as web-based technologies proliferate, including advances in biometric monitoring, telemedicine, and robotic surgery. The discussion also includes the impact of global medical tourism.

Successful organizations will have to innovate at a level previously unknown, as large commercial players also begin to compete. Insights from previous disruptive technology and innovation megatrends are discussed, such as the universal adoption of mobile devices and the digital marketplace. Similar to the impact on fixed retail establishments from these emerging technology trends, this discussion provides a backdrop of the upcoming tidal wave of change in healthcare, and what will be required to survive and thrive.

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John McDaniel/Senior VP of Innovation and Technology with The HCI Group

With more than 35 years of experience as a healthcare CIO, consulting services executive, and as an executive with large healthcare solution companies, John McDaniel currently manages the CXO Innovation and Technology Solutions division at The HCI Group.

Prior to joining HCI, John worked as a National Practice Leader – US Healthcare for a large data storage and software organization. He was responsible for cultivating C-level executive relationships, understanding emerging requirements, and collaborating with development teams to ensure solutions that met market-driven operational, scalability and cost efficiency requirements.

As a CIO, John worked with St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center, McLaren Health Care Corporation, and The Emory Clinic, where he also served as Director of Medical Informatics for the Emory Healthcare System. He is a keynote speaker at National and Regional healthcare conferences and frequently presents at large, international healthcare events.

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