Baldrige Foundation & SOAR Vision Group Partnership

A thorough analysis of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and SOAR’s approach including its Organizational Hierarchy of Needs and Strategy Execution System show a very close alignment between their independent criteria and methods. This provides the basis for a clear, effective, and collaborative partnership.

To expand upon this collaborative partnership, SOAR has actively committed to supporting the many brilliant, credible, and experienced Baldrige examiners and consultants in the Baldrige PEP journeys of their clients by extending the SOAR licensing structure to Baldrige Examiner Consultants, and encouraging them to become trained and certified in SOAR’s Strategy Execution System deployments.

Baldrige Examiner Consultants are also encouraged to utilize the shared shared website to post their informative blogs, and post upcoming events which organizations will be well-served to attend.

The Baldrige Foundation receives significant value from this partnership as SOAR offers a systematic process that provides clarity to and expedites the Baldrige journey.

Some organizations have spent decades working towards their Baldrige Quality Award, learning much through trial and error. SOAR can help to expedite the Baldrige journey be helping organizations to swiftly translate strategy into actions. SOAR’s standardized and templatized SES, e-learning software, and tracking software increases accessibility and reduces anxiety among small businesses, as well as large organizations.

History of SOAR Vision Group

As a new company established in 2016, SOAR recognizes the value in identifying strategic partnerships to expedite its market presence and expand its benefit to both current and potential clients.

When the opportunity to discuss collaboration opportunities with the Baldrige Foundation came up, SOAR recognized the alignment between the two organization’s strategic aims. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (PEP) is housed under the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and distributes the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (“Baldrige Performance Excellence Program,”).

History of Baldrige Foundation

The Baldrige program was founded in the mid-1980s under President Reagan to encourage US businesses to focus on quality management to compete in an expanding global market (“Baldrige Performance Excellence Program: History,” 2017).

The prestigious Baldrige National Quality Award analyzes company applications to identify and acknowledge best-in-class organizations through cultural and performance accomplishments (“Baldrige Performance Excellence Program: History,” 2017).

The Baldrige Foundation was established in conjunction with NIST’s Baldrige PEP to support its long-term financial viability and growth (Foundation). In January 2018, the Baldrige Foundation formalized a channel partnership with SOAR Vision Group.

Why Every Organization Needs A Playbook

While everyone should set an organizational strategy (a “playbook,” so to speak), few organizations successfully execute on that strategy.

SOAR offers a trademarked SES and systematic process for effective strategy deployment for business ranging from less than 10 employees to Fortune 100 companies. This is largely due to the productization of SOAR’s services that took place during the first eighteen months of its inception, including development of a technology tracking software that is priced as a per-month subscription model for users, effective e-learning courses offered asynchronously to team members as opposed to expensive online consulting hours, and templatized coaching (although customized coaching and consulting is also available).

The capability of SOAR to serve small businesses is one of the key factors that attracts the Baldrige Foundation to this partnership as they are looking to expand their attractiveness to small businesses.

The Baldrige framework and process of applying, being evaluated, and potentially receiving a National or State-based Quality Award can be quite daunting for organizations, so many small businesses opt out of pursuing a Baldrige journey. The strategic value and implications for the SOAR – Baldrige Foundation partnership is outlined further in the Partnership Implications section.

The Alignment of the Baldrige Foundation and SOAR Vision Group

The direct alignment between the Baldrige Excellence Framework and SOAR’s SES and Organizational Hierarchy of Needs expedites the improvement journey for organizations.

SOAR’s SES effectively helps organizations close their performance gap, in which they may have a strategy but are not successfully meeting the goals of that strategy.

Additionally, SOAR’s tracking software supports organizations in closing their visibility gap, in which individuals may not realize there is a performance due to limited or untimely access to data and performance metrics.

SOAR also supports closure of the knowledge gap with access to its e-learning courses and experienced coaching, in which organizations may realize they have a problem meeting goals but may not know how to successfully do so.

While SOAR’s SES and Organizational Hierarchy of Needs directly transfer to each domain of the Baldrige framework, SOAR can expedite the process and add significant value for applicants in the categories of Strategy; Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; Operations; and Results.