Baldrige Framework: (7) Results Domain

The final category of the Baldrige framework is the most difficult category to score well in, and it also carries a significantly higher weight than the remaining categories (45% vs. only 8.5% – 12% for all other individual categories; see Pareto chart in Figure 4) (Framework, 2017).

The Results domain encompasses the measured outcomes for all other key areas – (1) Leadership and Governance Results, (2) Customer Results, (3) Workforce Results, (4) Operational Process and Product Results, and (5) Financial and Market Results.

Results showcase the efficacy of the organization’s strategy and its ability to implement that strategy. The only component of the Organizational Hierarchy of Needs that was not specifically addressed regarding the Baldrige categories up to this point is the layer of Financial Performance. However, the success of this layer is directly impacted by the success of the other layers: Customer Value, Organizational Effectiveness, and Workforce Engagement.

In the most simplistic terms, the Results domain represents the fruit of the organization’s labor on SOAR’s Strategy Deployment Tree.

All of the mother strategies, annual objectives, initiatives, and action items should showcase strong fruit for this category, if all of the other components of the SES have been thoughtfully and systematically deployed up to this point.

Organizational Hierarchy of Needs