Create High Demand Services or Products

“Find a need and fill it”. That is the idea behind creating high-demand services and/or products. Ensure that your product and/or service development and delivery processes always hit the customer satisfaction bull’s-eye. Product marketing is the discipline of getting the right things done from product strategy to delivery execution, so you can exceed your customer […]

Overcoming the Execution Gap: Leveraging the Organizational Hierarchy of Needs Model

Every organization has a playbook. The playbook represents what your organization believes will be a winning strategy. Execution is the challenge of course, as every coach will tell you! Ensuring effective strategy execution involves three key steps: Differentiating your organization in the market. Engaging your associates to execute seamlessly. Measuring performance to expectations and adjusting […]

Be Successful: Bridge the Strategy Execution Gap

In a recently published article in the Harvard Business Review titledHow the Most Successful Teams Bridge the Strategy Execution Gap, Nathan Wilta and Orla Leonard (HBR, Nov. 2017) examined how 49 enterprise leadership teams spend their time relative to the perceived effectiveness of the senior team. The results of their analysis are clarified below. Commit […]

Maximize Operational Efficiency

An organization’s operations function is responsible for execution of the organization’s playbook. Achieving operational efficiency then involves all departments, units or functional groups, teams, and individuals in simultaneous alignment and effort to fulfill the strategies, goals, and initiatives of the organization. Each operational area has objectives and initiatives unique to them, which, when combined together, […]

Develop Productive Partnerships

No organization functions in a vacuum. Productive partnerships of various types are necessary to succeed in any market. A few examples include: Channel Partnerships A channel partner provides access to target markets. Both parties mutually benefit from the partnership through an expanded market footprint, scope of services, and revenue and/or cost sharing. Trade groups and […]

Know Your Value Equation

Profitability is driven from the value equation: Demand + Efficiency + Efficacy = Profitability. Demand begins with a deep understanding of your market. It answers questions such as: What are the basic satisfiers, or “must haves” that you customers expect, and that your organization will need to fulfill to be successful? Answers to this question […]

The Effective Engagement Flywheel

The effective engagement flywheel provides an infrastructure to harness the power of an organization’s purpose to consistently deliver remarkable results and build customer loyalty. Each step on the flywheel is explained as follows: HONEST, ROBUST DIALOGUE & LEARNINGencourages an open exchange of ideas and information which are important particularly when engaged in transformational change and […]

Create Demand, Expectation, & Loyalty

1. Tap into Demand Building customer demand and loyalty starts with the clarification of the organizational purpose, or ‘WHY’. Author Simon Sinek wrote a book titled“Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”(2009). In the book, Mr. Sinek shares how building customer loyalty involves engaging customers that connect with an organization’s WHY […]

Enable Ownership Behavior

In general, associates need the following to be satisfied in the workplace (top 10 list): To be heard To be safe To be paid fairly for the work they do To have opportunities for advancement To have a best friend at work To have a good relationship with their supervisor – employees leave supervisors not […]

Authority vs Responsibility

Classic management theory teaches that authority and responsibility are intertwined and should be delegated accordingly. The theory is that if you have a properly trained leader, and give him or her the authority and responsibility for a particular operational function they should be able to cause that operational function to come into control and meet […]

Turning Disruption and Change into Peak Performance

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